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The AdCentre advertising platform provides a suite of customisable creative formats and powerful performance technologies which allow publishers and advertisers to intelligently maximise Cost-Per-Lead, Cost-Per-Click & Cost-Per-Engagement campaigns.

AdCentre’s network enables publishers to leverage new budgets from established brands whilst advertisers can leverage new inventory from premium publishers on engagement and performance metrics.

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AdCentre for Advertiser
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Leverage New Budgets Access new audiences
Our In-Banner technology unlocks lead collection for display inventory allowing you to access the traffic of premium publishers on a pure CPL basis.

Customise Your Ad Space Customise your data collection
Our form builder offers a diverse range of question types giving you control over your qualifying questions. Our positioning algorithm ensures all details are collected within the banner space.

Access GreatBrands Qualify your prospects
Our advanced technology validates and deduplicates your leads against all of your criteria in real-time within the banner so that you only ever receive the leads that you want.
AdCentre for Publisher
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Leverage New Budgets Leverage New Budgets
AdCentre's proprietary real time price signalling algorithms optimise your yield on an eCPM basis whilst enabling you to unlock new advertising budgets for your web properties.

Customise Your Ad Space Customise Your Ad Space
As well as all standard IAB ad unit sizes, create additional revenue through customisable non-standard display units which can fit anywhere on your site and match its look and feel.

Access GreatBrands Keep Traffic on your Site
AdCentre's technology controls all engagements and interactions within the ad space on your site so you never drive traffic away from your page.

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